What Is "Dream On"?

DREAM ON follows the stories of a handful of aspiring dreamers and their rise to the pinnacle of success. A future Hollywood starlet, a hungry rock band that has no other choice but to succeed, a college basketball star with his eyes on the NBA Draft, or a thirty-something single father looking to rehash his lifelong dream of rock stardom. A former NFL kicker attempts a comeback. A girl that was placed in a remedial writing course, later wins an Emmy for News Writing as a TV journalist. A 15 year old boy sneaks into a race car and eventually becomes one of the most popular drivers in NASCAR.

Time flies as DREAM ON pulsates into your heart with jaw-dropping musical performances from virtually unknown stars on the rise including Chris Hatfield, Lunar Mansion, Hooten Hallers, and Jet.

All of the stories come from people living in the same small town in the middle of the Middle West. Are they hoping in vain? Does it really matter? DREAM ON explores the climb to success, the tribulations, and the underlining hope that all things are possible... if you DREAM ON, it could happen to you.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

DREAM ON: Premiere Makes Front Page News!

It is no secret that excitement and buzz has been building for the premiere of "Dream On". Early this week, the film has made it's way as the top story on the front page of three different newspapers! Get excited!

FAYETTE ADVERTISER: "Dream On Premiers Saturday" - http://www.fayettenewspapers.com/v2/content.aspx?ID=10160&MemberID=1664

BOONVILLE DAILY NEWS: "Local Filmmakers, Musicians Dare To Dream On" - http://www.boonvilledailynews.com/news/x248718388/Local-filmmakers-musicians-dare-to-Dream-On